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Aleksandr Dugin and the 4th Political Theory

ISIS is losing, and Assad is Responsible.

As the scourge of ISIS is slowly purged from Syria and Iraq, some in the western media who have spent the last 6 years trying to turn public opinion against the Syrian regime as well as his allies Russia and Iran are facing a difficult question; why, for so much of those years, have they called for the Syrian government to be removed in place of the terrorists his army is now so bravely defeating.
Bashar al-Assad is a true modern day hero. He has gone up against the Zionist controlled coalition of the forces of Israel, the US, Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ISIS and the terrorists of the so called Free Syrian Army all of whom share a common objective in wanting to overthrow this moderate regime, which has protected Christians, Shia Muslims and other minority faiths from the barbarism of fundamentalist Islam.
He has faced the threat of his beloved country being bombed, invaded and torn apart from the inside by the arming and funding of criminals by western regimes, yet he has remained steadfast, stuck to his principles and refused to bow to the evil forces which have infested his nation like a virus. Now the Syrian people are reaping the rewards of this struggle. No one deserves more credit should ISIS eventually be defeated, yet the media will still decry him as a dictator and a war criminal, as well as continue their insidious campaign against his only major allies, Iran and Russia. But for those who know the truth, there is no greater hero in this struggle than Bashar al-Assad.

Is Trump Selling Out?

During the campaign I never exactly got on the Trump train. However, I was hopeful on some aspects of his campaign. Hopeful he could curb immigration, curb some elements of the far left social agenda being pushed on the American people, renew relations with Russia and stop the disastrous policies being pursued in Syria.

Since he has taken office however, the early signs have been very disconcerting. Last week Trump claimed that Crimea is rightfully Ukranian and accused Putin and Russia of stealing it from the Ukraine. This despite the fact that the vast  majority of Crimeans consider themselves Russian and Putin himself warned NATO that if they launched a coup in the Ukraine he would take action to annex Crimea. The Trump administration has also “Put Iran on notice”.

In other words, Trump has instantly began shilling to the Zionists who hold a dangerous amount of power in US politics. Russia is an enemy of the Zionists due to their support of the Syrian administration, which Israel launched a proxy invasion of in an attempt to remove Assad, weaken Syria and its ally Iran, and ultimately balkanise the middle east and allow a strong Israel to dominate without challenge. This is why Russia and Iran are the great enemies of the Zionists. Iran because it exists outside the globalist strangle hold and refuses to submit to Israeli hegemony, and Russia both because it is renewing traditional values and resisting globalism, and because it is willing to use force to resist Zionist and neocon plans for the middle east.

Let’s not forget, despite his rhetoric against the elite, Trump has appointed no less than four Goldman Sachs alumni, including jews Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin. He also appointed his Jewish son in law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser. What exactly qualified Kushner for this position? Who can say, but it seems the Zionist influence in Trump’s administration is already making it’s presence felt, and Trump’s nationalist rhetoric is morphing into more of the same neocon, pro Zionist propaganda.

Media’s ‘Alternative Facts’ Concerning Russia

During US President Donald Trump’s pre Superbowl interview with Fox News veteran Bill O’Reilly, Trump was challenged over his contact with Russian president Vladimir Putin. O’Reilly seemed horrified that Trump, who he supported throughout his campaign, would even consider amicable relations with the leader of the largest country in the world. “He’s a killer!” O’Reilly boldly claimed at an undaunted Trump. No facts were provided to support this very serious claim, but then, when Russia is discussed in the western media it generally is a fact free zone.

Much of the media still seems to be in arrested development, believing the Cold War is ongoing and Russia is still a communist state. Of course, the current Russia is about as far away from the USSR in ideology as possible. It’s also common knowledge that Russia wants to control all of Eastern Europe, and would do so were it not for the United States and it’s allies holding Putin, the modern day Hitler back. Again, comparing Putin to Hitler is as ridiculous as comparing him to Stalin.

Putin is a nationalist, plane and simple. He took over from Boris Yeltsin, who was widely disdained by the Russian people for prostituting Russia out to the western globalisation process and almost destroying the Russian economy. He took over the largest nation in the world, which faces violent dissidents and separatists in volatile locations such as Chechnya. He took over a people who for years had atheism enforced on them as state policy, and some of their most beautiful churches destroyed by the evil communist regime, a people that have since returned to religion and tradition en masse, presumably with a new found appreciation for the old after seeing what the alternative looked like under years of atheistic communism. So when Putin behaves as a strong leader, tries to keep Russia protected from the worst effects of globalism, and uses the law to try and protect and enforce a traditional morality, it doesn’t make him Hitler or Stalin, who forced a rationalist ideology on their subjects in place of existing structures, it makes him a true representative for the Russian people.

And this is born out by the statistics. Putin is often polled at a 90 percent plus approval rating. Some in the West will decry any statistics on his support, or any election in Russia as a fraud, but without doubt the majority of Russian people are happy with Putin’s leadership  – certainly happier than they would be with the kind of leader the West would like to force on them. As to the charge of being a killer, I wonder what is O’Reilly referring to. Is he talking about the Russian interference in the Ukraine, brought on by a Western backed coup over a democratically elected, pro Russia regime? Or is he referring to the Russian support for the Syrian army, an army who has single handedly been preventing Syria from falling into the hands of ISIS and other radical extremists for 6 years now? To state the obvious, if one were to label any world leader a killer in the last few years it would have been Nobel peace prize winner Barrack Obama. Obama dropped over 26 thousand bombs in his final year in office. Like Russia, he also oversaw a bombing campaign in Syria, except unlike Putin, he intervened in Syria without the permission of the regime there, launching a bombing campaign which Bashar Al-Assad said was unhelpful in fighting extremists. Hardly surprising, considering the uprising in Syria was almost entirely a creation of the US, who armed and funded terrorists there as far back as 2011.

These are facts. When Russia is slated regularly in the media, it is generally slander appealing to people’s prejudices and ignorance on the topic. The media decries the era of ‘post truth’ and ‘alternative facts’, yet when it comes to discussing Russia they repeatedly show how little they regard the truth.

The World’s Most Beautiful Orthodox Churches

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow

Officially known as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, this incredible structure was built under the order of Ivan IV, otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible. Easily recognisable for it’s onion shaped domes. Often seen towering gloriously over military parades in Communist Russia, the Soviet Union actually considered demolishing the cathedral as it interfered with Stalin’s plans of even larger parades. The cathedral is now a museum, but holds one service a year in October.

Church of the Savior on Blood – Saint Petersburg

Commissioned by Alexander III as a tribute to his father, the church is a magnificent looking structure to behold. Towering and imposing from the outside, while boasting Byzantine style mosaics and marble designs on the inside. The church has a rich history too; after the Russian revolution it was ransacked and gutted by looters. The church was closed by the communist administration in 1932 during it’s war on religion, then used as a morgue during the protracted siege of Leningrad. After three decades of renovation the church was finally re opened in 1997. We can all be grateful this magnificent structure has survived.

Smolny Cathedral – Saint Petersburg

Designed by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also built the Winter Palace, Smolny Cathedral is instantly recognisable for it’s strikingly beautiful blue and white design. The cathedral was originally intended to be the central church of a monastery, built to house the daughter of Peter the Great, Elizabeth, after she was disallowed to take the throne and opted instead to become a nun. The cathedral was a centerpiece of a convent of the same name. Today it is used primarily as a concert hall.

Church of Saint Sava – Belgrade

Moving outside of Russia, the Church of Saint Sava, located in the heart of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, is the largest Orthodox temple in the Balkans, capable of seating 10,000 people at once.  The church is dear to Serbs, as it was built on the site where Turks burned the relics of the greatest Serbian enlightener and the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church – Rastko Nemanjc, Saint Sava. To really appreciate this structure, it must be seen at night, it’s white domes are quite something illuminated by artificial light.

Saint Sofia’s Cathedral – Kiev

Built as early as the 11th century, Saint Sofia’s was the first site in Ukraine to be inscribed on the world heritage list. The name of the cathedral, “Sophia”, comes from the Greek word “sophia” which means “wisdom”. Consecrated to the “wisdom of Christ’s teaching”. For years the cathedral served as the cultural centre of it’s state, hosting coronations and meetings with foreign dignitaries. Since then the cathedral has survived enemy raids, looting, partial destruction, repairs and reconstruction, but it’s beauty survives. With it’s elegant thirteen golden domes, it’s easy to see why Hi Marion, the first Russian metropolitan and an eminent publicist of his time, called it “A church of wonder and glory, the envy of all the countries round, for such another cannot be found in the whole world from east to west.”

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