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Personal thoughts on the Stockholm attack

7 april

Pedestrians exiting Stockholm City via Skanstullsbron


As clouds grew across the sky, the City was filled with the sounds of sirens and the streets were clamped by a thousand pedestrians, exiting the city as in a great exodus. Trains and busses recalled, cinemas and theatre productions closed down, military guarding the gate to the Royal Palace, and the Riksdag (Parliament) sealed and entrapping our “representatives” behind their walls of power. It was not business as usual for the people of Stockholm.

On that day four people were killed and fifteen injured in an attack mirroring the Nice Attack on the 14th of June. Using a hijacked truck as his weapon of choice, an Uzbekistani ISIS-sympathizer took to the crowded shopping center of Drottninggatan, trying to run down as many as he could. However, unlike with previous cases, the perpetrator was not shot on sight, but instead managed to flee all the way up north to Märsta before getting caught by the Swedish authorities.

Despite warnings passed to the Swedish authorities from the Uzbekistani authorities via another Western country, the Swedish police could not verify the information.
Despite being caught in 2015 between the Syrian-Turkish border in an attempt to join ISIS, he was sent back to Sweden.
Despite this tragedy brought about by a crippling and maniacal immigration policy for 40 years, worsened by the Migrant Crisis, the Social Democratic party along with its youth organisation SSU has called for increased immigration, and the leading Feminist (Cultural Marxist) party F! (Feminist Initiative) is calling for open borders and dismantlement of the already pitiful Swedish Armed Forces.
Despite all the bloodshed and loss of lives, we hear calls of “love” and “understanding” and “protection of the free Open Society” that people like George Soros is so preoccupied with cultivating.

The event has shown that Stockholm is a most vulnerable place for these types of attacks and a prime target for future attacks. Its air of openness and humanitarian cosmopolitanism is not a power field dreamt up from Asimovian Science Fiction, that is capable of providing a protective shield against Terrorism or “the dark forces” as many of the secular establishment likes to term the Jihadi extremism or the anti-liberal tidal wave. Whatever the future has in store, the Liberal, welfare state Sweden is decomposing at a faster rate. Will it’s future be that of a Third-world country or a Rebirth?

The casualties have increased with one person: a 66 year old woman with involvement in the “environmental” Green Party (Miljöpartiet), that advocates for a sustainable future and the destruction of national borders. Two things that go hand in hand.


Svenska flaggan

Thou Ancient, thou Free

Thoughts on Belgrade



Spending a few days in Belgrade. A few things have struck me, most noticeable is the vast swathe of ugly high rise apartments which litter the city, a remnant of communist rule and a reminder of the distinctive soullessness which characterised nations living under the results of Marxism. Of course it’s not all bad, Belgrade is home to Saint Sava Temple, one of the more beautiful Orthodox churches you will encounter.




Walking the streets one often encounters ruins left from the NATO bombing of this city, a sad reminder of a most heinous act by western leaders, a reminder which must weigh heavily on the minds of the proud Serbs, who suffered terribly once the west singled them out as being the cause and, at times sole perpetrator of the evils which followed the dissolution of Yugoslavia.




The other striking characteristic of this city is the result a recent development – the massive influx of mostly Muslim refugees. Parts of the city are terribly littered and unsafe to pass through due to this influx, areas that I am told by locals were once safe and well kept. They are now patrolled 24/7 by armed police, who watch the refugees carefully, but they still harass and intimidate local passers by and display flagrant lack of respect for their new neighbours. What strikes me most is that almost every refugee I have seen has been a male aged 16 to 30. In other words, the perfect age for service in armed forces. Yet they have fled mostly from Syria, a country which more than any in the world right now needs it’s young men to come together in defence of the nation. That the west claims Assad is a monster means they must accept that these people are fleeing persecution, but the reality is the main form of persecution going on in the Middle East is inflicted on Christians and other religious minorities by Islamist militants. Yet, so few of the refugees are Christians.


And so Serbia, in it’s desperation to modernise it’s weak economy and join the EU is forced to accept a mass of Muslim men, unaccustomed and unsuited to their welcoming nation, who are too cowardly or too wrong headed to fight in the defense of a noble nation being torn apart by the most monstrous grouping of savages the world has seen in modern history. A sad situation indeed.