Freedom in Islam vs. Liberal Freedom


2 responses to “Freedom in Islam vs. Liberal Freedom

  1. To put it mildly, a shallow analysis. He equates consumerism with liberal ideology.
    Consumerism was started by Bernays using Uncle Siegmund Freud’s insights. Both were Jewish. Not liberal ideologues.
    See “The century of the self”, BBC documentary (but, GOOD because of the author, not normal BBC Fabianism), it’s online on youtube and on its own web page.
    And besides, as that docu points out: Even consumerism evolved to a multifaceted thing in the 1980ies…We exactly DON’T all strive towards the same look!!! EVEN the ones of us who are perfect shallow consumerists. A perfectly consumerist Heavy Metal Fan sure doesn’t strive towards the same look as a perfectly consumerist normie..

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  2. Also on the left there are a lot of people who decry the kind of consumerist culture described for various reasons, or even conventional beauty standards like “we should all strive to look like the handsome man”.
    Of course there are just as many people on the left who play into a consumerist version of liberalism (i.e. buying a t-shirt or coffee mug with an environmental slogan on it as opposed to actually changing their lifestyle to live less wastefully.) This seems more like general Western ideas of freedom than liberal specifically.


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