Aleksandr Dugin and the 4th Political Theory


2 responses to “Aleksandr Dugin and the 4th Political Theory

  1. Hmm.
    Modern nationalism goes back to Mazzini , mid 1900s, demanding ethno-states, creating the Young Europe movements. Young Germans, Young Turks, Young Italians…
    But that just served to re establish millenia old tribal structures, see the “Nations” in Deuteronomy that Yahwe demands the Jews destroy (which they did.)
    A nation at that time being a citystate with approx 1000 square km and abt 100,000 inhabitants max. Or, a tribe.
    As to whether Nazism ended, some pretty wealthy guys in Paraguay might object. Paraguay’s economy is entirely run by Germans who to this day don’t even bother to learn Spanish. As to how many are in Brazil and Argentina is anyone’s guess, and in the USA for that matter.
    Anyway. I don’t see nationalism ending but re-emerging. Ethno-Nations are created by war. The war is necessary to drive out the outsiders. Not necessarily killing them all, but you know, punish one, educate 100. Same thing that the current Globalists use on us. This is coming for Europe as a reaction to the Globalist policies of the EU Kommissars and MERKEL.


  2. Typo. Mazzini was mid 19th century, not mid 1900s…. bit older than Marx. At the time the most popular political theorist. Marx, nobody knew that guy. Everybody looked at Mazzini. Today teachers don’t even mention him – proving that teachers are Marxists 100%.


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