What is Called God? Classical Theism & Theistic Personalism

The Socratic Catholic

saint-augustine-portrait-2In my previous article, I discussed questions concerning the nature of God within the context of doing apologetics when confronted with the “one less god” argument used by many contemporary atheists. I concluded that the “one less god” argument is a failed attempt at refuting the existence of God because it is a mischaracterization of his true nature. The mischaracterization is ultimately the result of treating the nature of God as a mere being along side other beings in the natural order.

This mistake, however, is not entirely the fault of contemporary New Atheists. To be sure, these atheists are at fault for their intellectual errors concerning the nature of God, but these atheists are largely interacting with an apologetic methodology associated with theistic personalism, rather than the classical theism articulated, yet not identified as such, in the previous article. A brief survey of these two theistic traditions is…

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