The Demise of Chinese Spirituality


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I recently heard from a friend who on his travels to China met a Taoist practitioner who cried when he began to explain that there was no one left in all of China interested in Taoist practice and philosophy.

The Far East is revered for it’s deeply held spirituality, yet it is little discussed how the atheistic Neomarxism of the country coupled with its obsession over economic development has served a final death blow to indigenous Chinese spirituality. Christianity, admittedly, is spreading, but some of that is due to Chinese attempts at Westernization.

This is the side of modernism that is little discussed, but is in fact it’s core value. The sweeping, all devouring “progress”, which is simply a change in mindset from the valuation of quality to quantity. It is a move from the spiritual to the material, the infinite to the finite, the self sustaining community to the all consuming self. It is base materialism, which, like a cancer devours all that falls outside it’s narrow atomistic worldview. It is this that we, as Radical Traditionalists seek to resist.



2 responses to “The Demise of Chinese Spirituality

  1. Good stuff. Keep revolting!

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  2. I studied aikido years ago with a good group of guys in Detroit. Many were well-travelled for an inland Midwestern city (if you don’t count the Great Lakes). Anyway, I remember a discussion where the senior instructors said if you wanted to find a super-traditional dojo, you had to go to California where the backlash against modernism was taking place. In Japan, where many of the senior instructors had trained, the country was still in the initial stages of Modernism/Westernism/Consumerism. In other words, the Japanese were in an euphoria of anti-tradition.

    I like MMA, by the way, but it’s beastly. Very, very American. Practical to a fault: you learn to beat-ass and that’s that. The fighters brag about their “work ethic”. Heroes of the Kali Yuga!


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