Is Trump Selling Out?

During the campaign I never exactly got on the Trump train. However, I was hopeful on some aspects of his campaign. Hopeful he could curb immigration, curb some elements of the far left social agenda being pushed on the American people, renew relations with Russia and stop the disastrous policies being pursued in Syria.

Since he has taken office however, the early signs have been very disconcerting. Last week Trump claimed that Crimea is rightfully Ukranian and accused Putin and Russia of stealing it from the Ukraine. This despite the fact that the vast  majority of Crimeans consider themselves Russian and Putin himself warned NATO that if they launched a coup in the Ukraine he would take action to annex Crimea. The Trump administration has also “Put Iran on notice”.

In other words, Trump has instantly began shilling to the Zionists who hold a dangerous amount of power in US politics. Russia is an enemy of the Zionists due to their support of the Syrian administration, which Israel launched a proxy invasion of in an attempt to remove Assad, weaken Syria and its ally Iran, and ultimately balkanise the middle east and allow a strong Israel to dominate without challenge. This is why Russia and Iran are the great enemies of the Zionists. Iran because it exists outside the globalist strangle hold and refuses to submit to Israeli hegemony, and Russia both because it is renewing traditional values and resisting globalism, and because it is willing to use force to resist Zionist and neocon plans for the middle east.

Let’s not forget, despite his rhetoric against the elite, Trump has appointed no less than four Goldman Sachs alumni, including jews Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin. He also appointed his Jewish son in law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser. What exactly qualified Kushner for this position? Who can say, but it seems the Zionist influence in Trump’s administration is already making it’s presence felt, and Trump’s nationalist rhetoric is morphing into more of the same neocon, pro Zionist propaganda.


3 responses to “Is Trump Selling Out?

  1. I share the worry about potential repeat of the zionist play.
    BUT: Trump is the figurehead of the America First movement of 500 generals ousted since Clinton for being loyal to the constitution. Clinton-Bush-Obama is the Neocon line (which started the wars for the Zionists).

    So… Watch Trumps purge of the pedophile rings. See one of the Trump girls, I confuse their names, saying she wants to fight human trafficking. This is code for throwing the pedophiles in jail. I think this is Trumps way of draining the swamp and I think he’s working his way up from small fish to big fish. Hopefully all the way to Epstein’s Lolita express. AND, this goes right back to Ukraine because guess where they get white sex slaves from.

    In my opinion this is what needs to be watched now ESPECIALLY because the MSM is as radio silent about it as they can possibly get away with – meaning THIS IS IMPORTANT. They are quaking in their boots.

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