It’s Too Late for The West

 “Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone,
It’s with O’Leary in the grave.”
Thus goes W.B. Yeats lament regarding the degradation in character and morals of the Irish middle class in the early 20th century. It’s ironic that this is found in his poem September 1913 when you consider that just three years after the date the Irish would participate in a brave rebellion against the British in Dublin, a rebellion they knew would end in failure and their blood sacrifice. In other words, Yeats was wrong, there was an aspect of romantic Ireland which survived, inside the hearts of every Irish man and woman as a spark of nationalist sentiment, a spark which was fanned into a veritable inferno by the events of September 1916. What is the point of this? The point is that people are always lamenting the degradation of what they hold dear, society is always collapsing, even when it isn’t. Man holds a certain pessimism for the progress of society. But I will venture to say it again, we, the west, are in decline. I am so sure of the downward direction our society is advancing in that I am now convinced there is no hope of redemption. The West is dead.
Now, some may say my pessimism is unfounded and badly timed, giving the growth of the alt right, nationalist politics, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. All these are signs that most people are throwing off the cosy liberal consensus and returning to a more reactionary approach to governance. This provides some hope, but ultimately it is motivated by the same motives as those who vote for liberal policies. In each case people vote based on the prospects of their finances under whatever leadership. Who will make them wealthiest, give them the most benefit for 4 years. No one votes on ideals, and the constant drive for economic prosperity is part of the reason the West is doomed. For it, we have sacrificed much, but the greatest sacrifice of all was morality. The West cannot survive because it is decadent. In our material comfort, we have lost reverence and respect for the ideals which were the formation of the West.
The educated are resented, knowledge is scoffed at, philosophy and theology are seen as a joke, simply leaching off the more noble field of science, which guarantees continuing prosperity and comfort for us. Religion is seen as one hobby among many, no greater or worse than yoga, though perhaps worse for the hatred it inspires, though this can’t be said regarding Islam, for most muslims are non whites and thus immune to any criticism. Political correctness has stifled free debate, and shown us that liberalism as it ultimately manifests itself is little more “free” than medieval political arrangements. With the sacrifice of morality we can not recover. Even if there is a great awakening in the West, a massive reaction against the liberal consensus, the reactionaries will not know with what principles to replace those they rebel against. Rome did not collapse because it over extended itself or because it embraced Christianity, it collapsed for the same reason every great empire has – having long enjoyed prosperity created by men of belief, it fell into unbelief and decadence. The weak, nihilistic men this decadence spawned drove their inheritance into destruction. It has happened to every great civilization, it will happen to the West. Many on the left may embrace this, but what could possibly follow it is more worrying. Lament the death of the West, the Moslem barbarians wait at the crumbling walls of our civilisation.

8 responses to “It’s Too Late for The West

  1. I believe the west could survive through a collective change of heart. Unfortunately, we live in a time when people are unlikely to listen to sound arguments and change their minds. They tend to be entrenched and to gather information that enables them to remain entrenched. I can say from professional experience that this alarming trend is currently plaguing much of academia. Take care.

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    • I agree that it could be changed if everyone were willing to engage in discourse over direction, but at this stage people have become so materialistic and nihilistic there is no hope. And academia only seems to be getting more and more left wing.


  2. For decades now Donald Trump has been the sort of man who represents the sort of short sighted materialism and ego driven “power and status” personality you seem to be decrying as bringing about “The Death of The West”


    • I completely agree, I mention Donald Trump’s election as potentially giving hope because it was a reaction against globalism for the most part. However, let me be clear in saying I think Trump is an unthoughtful oaf. He is not what the west needs.

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      • I noticed you were saying it didn’t give you cause for optimism. Just sort of adding my two cents. Throughout the campaigning season I was bewildered that people were seeing this man as someone representing the interests of working class or salt of the earth people.


    • “For decades now Donald Trump has been the sort of man who represents the sort of short sighted materialism and ego driven “power and status” personality you seem to be decrying as bringing about “The Death of The West””

      Compare a man who wants to protect the border to crooked Hillary with her billion Dollar foundation selling influence to Saudi etc…
      Even the German government payed her 5 million (allegedly so the holy Clinton foundation could use it to plant! TREES! IN! INDIA! No joke. Because Germany couldn’t just send 5 million to India. It has to go through the hands of the CLINTONS! first!!!!)


      • Relax, I’m no fan of the Clintons either. (For that matter, as a daughter of immigrant family, neither a fan of Trump’s border policies nor deportation policies under Obama, since you mention it.) Just agreeing with the observation in the original post that Trump doesn’t seem like a candidate that’s going to steer Western values away from superficial excess and materialism given that he and his family sort of presented themselves as embodiments of it.


  3. As to collapses.
    70% of white males have the MAOA gene a.k.a. the warrior gene. Carriers show little reaction when confronted with a small loss but a disproportionate response when confronted with a large loss.
    The time that whitey rises up is not in the distant future. Some hallucinating morons think Trump is it? You have seen nothing yet.

    As to the fall of Rome. Rome was a SLAVE-DRIVEN ECONOMY! Given the abundance of slaves they never invented labor-saving devices. They are the PROTOTYPE for the collapse of all multiculturalisms. They HAD TO import the equivalent of todays illegal Mexicans or the negroes and Arabs the EU imports – only on a much larger scale. In the end, their army consisted of German tribesmen. They didn’t collapse because of disbelief but because they couldn’t pay their German mercenaries anymore – who turned against them.

    And why couldn’t they pay anymore? Simple. The Roman Warm Time ended, collapsing agrarian surplus production, causing economic problems. A combined double whammy of climate change and multiculturalism. The entire Voelkerwanderung was a result of the climatic change.

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